Double Session with Dr. Sapna

Well, it has obviously been awhile since my last post (almost THREE weeks to be exact) with Dr. Sapna, due to both of our schedules being a bit crazy! I continued doing my at home rehab and well, I thought that would be enough, I was WRONG. Terribly, terribly, wrong! What made it even worse, stupidly two days before I saw Dr. Spana, I played 18 holes of golf 🏌🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


Session IV a):
Goals: “Getting you back on track as you were feeling tight and sore so we took it back to some of our original sessions where we did Electroacupuncture, Active Release Techniques and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The purpose of this session was to restore movement and reduce tightness and soreness.”
OH MY GOODNESS! There are no words to describe the soreness and tightness that my legs were feeling before, during and after (more soreness after not so much tightness), I thought with doing the at home exercises were helping me enough, and I was clearly WRONG. Unfortunately given how tight and sore I was before my treatment, Dr. Sapna was some what limited to throwing it back to the OG treatment we had done previous.
Session IV b):

Thankfully after the previous session [and not 18 holes of golf 🏌🏽‍♀️] I was much better heading into our next session! I increased my movement at home with my rehab and added cycling to cardio, rather than just stairs.

“You came in with better overall mobility and reduced feelings of tightness. You’re dorsiflexion and swelling were also much better! When we worked through your squat I noticed you had some functional loss of arch height (you can have both a structural and functional loss of height). So this session the focus was to work through the Plantar Fascia and Medial Longitudinal Arch using IASTM, followed by Manual Release through the Tibialis Anterior, Peroneals, Lateral Gastroc, ITB and Vastus Lateralis. Then we spent a large portion of our session working on the Lymphatic System by working through various Nodal Points and doing some Lymphatic Drainage behind the knee, through the Adductors and the inguinal region to help promote circulation and drainage.”

Another OH MY GOODNESS moment for me in this session! Reading this you’re probably thinking “someone working on the lymphatic system through various points is easy” HA 🤣😂 You my friend would be WRONG. Especially if you’re having issues throughout your body. This may have been the most discomfort I have felt in my time working with Dr. Sapna, and I say that not because she was hurting me, but because of what is going on with my body externally and internally as well. However, I felt increasingly better when I left the office than when I walked into it, so I can say the discomfort was completely WORTH IT!

“Your home care for this week is to continue working on your balance and proprioceptive exercises while working through your fitness program that’s included a lot of functional strengthening and movement exercises provided by your trainer”

Also Dr. Sapna gave me another exercise to do at home to help break down the tightness in my calf, and adding rolling my foot/ arch out with a golf ball.

Check out this post found on Dr. Sapna’s Instagram page.

I will be honest, this has definitely been a tough injury and recovery for me, and in the years of playing basketball I’ve dealt with many different injuries, from rolled ankles, to knee injuries, back and hip problems, concussions, the list goes on. With the exception of my last concussion, I haven’t had as difficult of a problem recovering as I find I’m having with this. It is very frustrating, to put in the amount of work I have bother on my own and with Dr. Sapna and still experience some of my issues.

 Thankfully Dr. Sapna has been great with my late night messages full of questions. Explaining that the work we’re doing, mixed with my at home rehab and my workout program, naturally my ankle will be tired and fight back, also I have some SERIOUS scar tissue built up that is still being worked through!

Injuries can be annoying, inconvenient [right before a wedding or vacation 👎🏽], or frustrating, we need to keep the end goal in our sights, and to not allow ourselves to become discouraged. I’m so happy that you’ve taken time to join me on this journey of recovery!


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