Session II with Dr. Sapna: Integra Health Centre

After some time away it is safe to say that my second session with Dr. Sapna was filled with a lot more discomfort than the first…cost of vacation right! A little discomfort never hurt anyone!

For session II the focus was primarily on my posterior chain; achilles, soleus, gastrocnemius – aka my calf was TIGHT). Thankfully according to Dr. Sapna this is not uncommon in an ankle sprain.

“Today’s visit began with a reassessment of your ankle mobility and overall biomechanics and gait patterns. The great news is your ankle mobility is improving, and so is your balance and strength.”


” The downside is you still have a lot of tightness and stiffness in your posterior chain (achilles, soleus, gastrocs – aka the calf muscles). This isn’t uncommon after an ankle sprain, when dorsiflexion is limited the opposite muscle group will almost always be tight and limiting.”


“Our visit today started off with some electro-acupuncture to help work on reducing your pain and increasing blood flow, but also to help promote and facilitate the regulation processes to restore and optimize function.”

“Following the electro-acupuncture, we really worked your posterior chain starting with A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) to your calf muscles, followed by some HawkGrip Tools for your achilles and plantar fascia.”

“Then we did some combo static and dynamic cupping to flush everything out. We then worked our way up into the hip and lower back working all the way to the thoracic spine (mid back), as we can’t neglect the fact that an ankle injury will affect your entire kinetic chain so you can’t neglect the joint above, or the one above that as fascia connects everything together!”

“We finished up with some manual mobilization work through your mid back and ankle. Then we ended off with some new exercises including some mini band hip extensions and hip thrusters to really help engage the glut max, as last session we focused a lot of our hip work on mobility drills and glut med stabilization exercises.”


PROPER FORM: working with your breathing on the inhale engaging your belly button and forcing it down and towards your back as you lift to help maintain a straight and flat back, exhale as you release back down.

IMPROPER FORM: on the inhale allowing your belly button to raise up, your rib cage to inflate as you lift which creates the arch in your back and can cause low back pain/ soreness during this movement

Clearly my ankle is not back to health, which means I that I don’t stop doing my at home exercises, so on top of the ones previously given to me during my first session, I will continue to do those daily, along with adding the mini band hip extensions and hip thrusts.

Now if you happen to follow me on social media (specifically Instagram) you would have seen some of this during the session as I was posting, and you would have seen the bruising the days following my session. The bruising was not from the cupping like we typically see, it was actually from A.R.T. that Dr. Sapna was doing on my calf because of how tight it became. Don’t let the stature of Dr. Sapna fool you, she is mighty strong and very skilled at what she does!

If you have suffered an injury (recent or old), or you are active and want to maintain your health to help avoid injury, feel free to contact Dr. Sapna and her team at Integra Health Centre.

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