2013 NBA Finals – The Old vs. The New “Big 3”

Photo Courtesy NBA.com

Photo Courtesy NBA.com

Well, we have finally arrived here, the 2013 NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs. The Miami Heat. The Old “Big 3”. The New “Big 3”. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, & Chris Bosh.

Now we already know how game 1 went down, with the outstanding play from Tim Duncan throughout the game, and the magnificent fourth quarter, and game winning shot from Tony Parker. We saw an unconventional game from LBJ, taking more of the facilitator role down the stretch then we’ve seen him take the scoring “I want the ball” mindset. Obviously questions started to arise, but as we get set for game 2 Sunday, I don’t think we will be seeing the same mindset from James. Although I have predicted the Spurs winning in 6, it is common sense and expected that James will become, well, JAMES!!!

I expect this series to be a great one based on how game 1 played out.

The Spurs have such a well rounded team, and coaching staff that makes it hard for me to say the Heat will win. Yes I get it they have the best player in the world at this time in LeBron James, however his band of merry men alongside him have not been consistent. Wade started out the game hot, along with Bosh and seemed that the “Big 3” was finally on the same page, but then both slowly drifted away. The bench was helpful as well but it wasn’t enough to stop Parker & Duncan.

Coach Gregg Popovich commands a type of respect not just from the bench players, and the guys that may not get the star power light that Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili do, but he also commands respect from his “Big 3”. When you can have guys that make the money they do, have the fame they do, and basically are never told no, it takes a special type of person to be able to get that respect from them. It also takes a special type of coach to be able to coach his entire team 1 through 12 the exact same way, and not sugar coat it with certain players, and Coach Pop does just that.

When it’s all said and done, I still feel the Spurs have all the right pieces, at the right time to win a championship, and hold off LeBron from a title for the second time (2007 swept James as a Cavalier for the fourth Spurs title).

As we get set for game 2 tomorrow and the rest of the series, I am very excited to see how this Finals plays out!

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