2013 NBA Playoffs First Round Predictions – Part II

Photo courtesy nba.com

Photo courtesy nba.com

I’ve already predicted Saturday’s games, now let’s move on to Sunday’s games. Like I said some really good match-ups for this years NBA Playoffs. No matter who you are in the East, if you want to get to the Finals, you have no choice but to go through South Beach. For the West you either roll through the wild wild west in San Antonio, or the young and vibrant Oklahoma City.

Eastern Conference

Atlant Hawks (6) vs Indiana Pacers (3)

Could this be the year that the Hawks finally make a statement in the post season. They’ve been here multiple times, but have always managed to, well, flop on their fans when it came to winning deep in the playoffs. They have the first obstacle of trying to get through the young and exciting play of Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. George has worked on his game, and we’ve seen it through the regular season how dangerous he can be. For the Hawks Josh Smith needs to control his game, if he starts ‘jacking’ shots from about anywhere, that can & will send the Pacers into fast breaks and easy buckets. Pacers in 5

Milwaukee Bucks (8) vs Miami Heat (1)

We’ve all heard what Brandon Jennings has to say about what HE thinks the Bucks are going to do, but let’s be serious for a moment.. Whether we like them or not, we all know how dangerous the new ‘Big 3’ and their band of merry men can be. There is NO ONE on the Bucks that can actually stop LeBron for 48 minutes night in and night out. Yes I will say that the duo of Jennings and Ellis is quite fast and dangerous themselves but that’s only two players. So I’m going to make this simple and easy. Heat sweep

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers (7) vs San Antonio Spurs (2)
I’ll be honest, I was not at all expecting the Lakers to be in the playoffs what so ever given how their season transpired, and especially after Kobe Bryant went down with the ruptured achilles, but here we are, and 7th place. As much as people keep saying “the Spurs are older” yeah they are but well they have been playing amazing, Tim Duncan has had one heck of a season at his age, and he’s had many glimpses of ’90’s Big Timmay’. It comes down to the health of Tony Parker for the Spurs, because they’ve shown they can play with any number of player combos on the floor, but down the stretch late in games we all know Coach Popovich would prefer to have Parker, Ginobili & Duncan out on the floor together. Sorry Laker fans.. Spurs in 5

Houston Rockets (8) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (1)

Here we are, the matchup everyone has been thinking about since the trade of James Harden and Kevin Martin. How will the Thunder do without Harden in the playoffs? Can Harden lead the Rocket deep in the post season? Can Martin fill the void that arose when Harden left? Who will be the threat off the bench? Who will create when Durant & Westbrook go to the bench? Can they even go to the bench at the same time now without Harden on the team, I mean yeah they have veteran Derek Fisher on the bench but he’s not the same player Harden was. Even with all of those questions unanswered overall the Thunder have a bigger and stronger team then the Rockets do. With Perkins and Ibaka anchoring the defence it’s very hard to score points in the paint vs. the Thunder. I find that for this matchup, even with the loss of Harden, the Thunder have too many weapons to contend against Houston. Thunder in 6

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